Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend #4 - going skiing

I am actually not too worried about this weekend.  I am going skiing with my kids tomorrow, so I will go to bed early tonight.

There have been PLENTY of Saturday ski trips where I have drank too much the night before and have felt crappy skiing - a little car sick on the way up, a little dizzy while trying to bend over and snap my boots on, looking forward to lunch where I will be fighting with myself over whether I should have a beer or not.  Lately I have noticed that probably 85% of the skiers eating lunch are not drinking alcohol.  I had never noticed that before.  I just thought 85% where having at least one. I almost always had one and just hoped like crazy that we were with someone else who drank so I could have more than one.

My husband and I had a rule that I drove up and he drove home.  I said (and told the kids) this is because he gets too impatient driving up. Really the excuse was that if I finished skiing before the rest of them, I could go sit in the sun and have a couple more beers and not have to worry about driving home (dh does not drink while skiing - he would wait until he got home - that thought would be foreign to me).

OMG! I LOVED sitting in the sun at the ski area with a beer - one of my favorite things ever!

I would have a glass of wine in the hot tub when we got back which I LOVED doing!

Drinking at lunch and after just made everything more fun (I thought). In truth I guess it did make everything fun - I can't lie about that. It really did! However, is it worth all the agony and torture that it brings with it - the anxiety, depression, hangover, exhaustion, mental obsession, the feeling crappy all morning while skiing? The answer is NO! And honestly, now that I think about it, I was usually drinking by myself at lunch and in the hot tub.  Who am I having fun with - me, myself and alcohol. Maybe I actually looked at alcohol as my friend....weird.


  1. Isolation with alcohol rather than spending time having fun with the family. ..I used to do that too. Kinda sad looking back.

  2. Remember what I said about being present in THIS moment. Sit in the sun with a non-alcoholic drink. Feel the warm sun on your face. Feel the cool (or hot) beverage on your throat. Stretch your legs. Lean back and close your eyes. Ahhhhh....

    Then think about how sober you will be for your present in THEIR moment you'll be.

    I don't even like skiing and now I want to go!


  3. Its not weird at all to think that alcohol is your friend or even lover! Just know that it is not a true friend or a faithful lover! It will stab you in the back and leave you bleeding to death and never look back. Wine (alcohol) is a mocker, a deceiver and certainly not a true friend! Cheers to you and your sober ski trip!