Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 18

Well, I got through the weekend.  I am off tomorrow but won't feel tempted.  It was pretty easy. No big deal really.  Got some good sleep and a lot done.

One thing I have noticed is that I have a hard time having small talk with people when I am sober. I wonder if that gets easier.

My neighbor came over last night.  She and her husband had been drinking (I always drink when I am with her) but I wasn't.  She asked me why and I just said that I am taking a break.  That when I had quit for 9 months previously I just felt better.  I certainly slept better (after the first month) and that probably made me just feel better in general.  She said, "Yea, I have thought about that too.  I think it really has an effect on my sleep too."  So no big deal, but I did notice that our conversation was a little uncomfortable with some awkward silences.  When I am drinking, I am usually talking nonstop.  When I am sober, not so much, so no one was talking.  In the past I would have been getting her beers just so she would stay and keep drinking with me, but last night I just wanted her to go home because it was 10:30 and I was tired.  I guess if that makes me boring I will take it because there are probably a lot of people out there that go to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night sober.  In the past I would have only been in bed at that time on a Saturday if I had drank too much.

I really did enjoy my weekend and I hope it stays this easy.


  1. Oh this resonates with me soooo much! I remember feeling that way. Then I got used to the silence in conversations. It's really wonderful actually. Takes a while to get used to though. However, the people you really care about enjoy the silence to because they just want to be with you. That was one lesson that took me a while to was worth the wait.

    So happy you made it through the weekend!!! Have a great sober day!


  2. Thanks! You and I sound a lot alike. I really do need more silence in my own head. Maybe is starts with more silence around me.

    I noticed you changed your blog to wordpress. I deleted your old blog from my list but when I try to sing up for your new one it says I already follow it. Any suggestions?

  3. I totally identify with this! When I first started drinking many moons ago, the main purpose (besides pure fun and entertainment :) was that it made things so much easier socially. I think I am naturally introverted and somewhat shy, but somewhere along the way I learned that was not "okay", and I have always tried to overcompensate for that. What is wrong with a little bit of silence? Absolutely nothing, I say!