Saturday, January 17, 2015

sunshine calling replied to one of my posts with the following comment. I wanted to post it so that I could find it the next time I have those sunshine urges.

I found distraction worked really well for me. Sun was a big trigger for me too. When I was feeling it I would walk...and walk...and walk (lol). Also, I would just sit in the sun and kind of meditate. Just be present in the moment and really feel what I was feeling. Then I could focus on my clear head, the cold water in my glass, the deep and cleansing breaths. Then I would project into the evening. I could see myself in my comfy bed, all snuggled down and sleeping the sleep of the sober. THEN, the best part...waking up with no hangover.

If that didn't work then I'd go one better...I sit there and imagine PAST that first sip (which is always the best). Past that point of ahhh to the point of ugh! When I'd end up slurping instead of sipping and stumbling into bed instead of snuggling. AND all the way to waking up with a horrendous hangover, shame and WTF did I do thoughts.

Then I'd take another deep cleansing breath. That usually did the trick.

This strategy really spoke to me. So many times I just avoid those situations and then feel like I am missing out on everything enjoyable in my life. Instead I think I need to still enjoy those situations that feed my soul but do it without alcohol. Who knows, eventually I may even enjoy it more.

I went to bed last night thinking: I am so glad I am comfy in my bed sleeping sober sleep rather than collapsing into bed and waking with feelings of anxiety and depression.

Thank you Sherry!

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  1. I am sooooo happy this helped. We're all here for you.