Monday, January 19, 2015

Freaking out!

I had a wild thought this morning that I was going to abs 365 days and went ahead and changed the name of my bog.

Now I am freaking out - why did i do that? that is too much commitment! what if I can't do it? what if I don't want to do it?


  1. Why not just take it a day at a time? I've been sober almost 900 days, but I never set out with that amount as an intention. I set out with a desire to get and stay sober. To fix the parts of me that felt they needed alcohol.

  2. Then change it back. No foul. Listen to Mary...just worry about today.

    You only have to worry about staying sober today. You've got this.


  3. Thank you Mary and Sherry! I did change it back. It just felt like to much pressure and too overwhelming. I did add "without alcohol" to the title. I am not sure balance is even possible with alcohol in my life.