Saturday, July 29, 2017

Soooo tired - 7/29/17 (Sat)

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I am just still soooooo darn tired. I feel like a zombie walking around.  I think I am starting to sleep a little better (not great - but better) but still just feel so tired all the time.  Will I ever get my energy back or is this just what being 49 feels like?  I am worried that it wasn't the alcohol making me so tired and that this is just my life now....


  1. I was exhausted for a long time. Long.
    PAWS is supposed to last for at least a year.
    My advice is if you don't notice some change in the next 6 weeks of good sober sleep have a check up.
    It's always good know your iron, thryroid, etc is fine.

    I drank a lot of coffee and red bull in my first year of sobriety. I sometimes still do...


  2. I am with Anne. My body took at least a year to feel more energy. Now, my energy levels are better. Still not as high as I want them, but I feel this is good where I am now.
    Get a check up is a good idea.