Sunday, July 16, 2017

7/16/17 (Sun) - Drinking Dream

I had my first drinking dream last night. It was my birthday. I had been sober for a long time. We were in a bar. My fiends had already left to go find a table for food. The bartender gave me a huge shot of brandy wine (which is weird bc I have never even tasted it - it tasted more like lemon-cello). I didn't even think about it. I drank it in three big gulps.  I told myself that one shot would not make me drunk so I would just change my verbage. Instead of say I have been sober for the past months, I would just say I haven't been drunk for the past months.  I went to the bathroom and was in there forever - putting on huge amounts of makeup (apparently trying to cover my many scars and injuries to my face), trying to change my shirt bc it was on backwards and then I couldn't seem to get it snapped, dropping everything out of my purse on the bathroom floor, stumbling around unable to focus - I think I was instantly drunk in the bathroom from the one shot and it was horrible. - and then I woke up.

Reminding myself not to drink - even in my dreams :)

On another note - I was searching for a picture that would work this post and I found this:

Image result for drinking dreams

It says - perfect for shower drinking!  What is wrong with our society ????????????????


  1. I hate dreams like that...where things are going wrong and I can't seem to stop them.

  2. Me too! Hate drinking dreams. They put me out of balance for a little bit!
    I have never heard of shower beer...really???
    (I used to drink the wine in a glass and hoped I never dropped it!)
    Life is so much easier now!!
    Way to go on this weekend!!