Saturday, July 22, 2017

7/22/17 (Sat) ego vs soul

I can really relate to this idea. For some reason, maybe bc of my struggle with alcohol, I have definitely been living on the "ego" side.   I would love to learn how to exist more on the "soul" side. I have an especially hard time feeling good about myself if I am not "doing".  I am either doing a million things at once (which is exhausting) or binge watching tv (which is depressing).  I would like to do some more reading on this subject.  Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Brene brown, the gifts of imperfection is a must.
    Pema Chodron the places that scare you

    Yoga is a path back to the self. Try a class.

  2. I just ordered The Gifts of Imperfection thanks