Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7/26/17 (Wed) If only...

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I have kept track of my weight over the years and it has climbed from 125 to 150. I decided enough is enough an I need to lose 20 pounds so I can get out of my yoga pants and into all of the clothes that used to fit me in my closet.  I think that if I can do this, it will really improve my mood.

When I went back and looked at my weight history, I noticed that in December of 2012 I weighed around 127 pounds.  I thought, "I wonder if that was in the middle of my 255 days of  sobriety time." I checked my blog and sure enough, I had been sober 4 months at that time.  I continued to stay sober until April and then decided to try drinking again.  At first I did pretty well but by July of 2013, I was back to drinking too much most weekends and had gained 10 of those pounds back.  That was 5 years ago.

If only I had stayed the course and remained sober 5 years ago, imagine how good I would feel (and look) now.

I am turning 50 (yikes - I thought that only happened to everyone else) in 6 months.

I am not going to say, "If only I had stayed sober last summer, worked out, ate well and taken care of myself I would have looked and felt amazing on my birthday."

I am going to say, "Thank goodness I stayed the course, remained sober, worked out, ate well and took care of myself for the last six months.  I feel (and look) better than I have in a long time."


  1. Just focus on sobriety. Weight loss can wait.
    My advice is throw away the scale. It is just a number.

    I expect in 6 months of sobriety you will feel amazing, even if nothing else changes.

    1. I agree. The scale is frustrating! i know that even if I am gaining muscle and losing fat...the number will not change. I do need to work out tho as it helps with my mood and attitude.

  2. I'm all for exercise. I practice yoga every day. I love to sweat.
    It definitely improves mood