Thursday, August 18, 2011

No FAC this August!

The teachers at my school are having a party Friday after school to kick off the year.  I am not going - too new at the absing.  Plus - that is not the way I want to kick off my year.  Not this year.  Many will go, have 1 or 2 beers and go home.  Most of them are younger than me (42).  Not me, I wouldn't get home until almost bedtime .... my husband would not be too happy, my kids never said anything .... but I am sure they noticed ..... but I was one of the "fun" teachers.  Everyone always made sure I knew were the FAC's were going to be ..... I used to think that was a good thing .....  maybe in my 20's/30's  ......  it is now time for me to grow up .... and act like an adult ....  I also notice it when we go to dinner, I always couldn't wait for the drink order to come back and would have at least one more.  Have you ever noticed how many people in the restaurant are actually drinking tea or soda on a SATURDAY night!!!!  I guess I just assumed everybody partied on the weekends.  Who knew?

I went to the mall with my 16 yo dd after work today.  It was really nice spending time with her.  She gives me less and less time.  Before, that would not have been what I would have chosen to do with my evening.  It feels good to feel proud of myself because of the decisions I am making.

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