Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interesting Observations

Last night we (dh, ds (sister) and myself) went to dinner.
Before  - they would have had one drink / I would have had 2.
Now - they had one drink / I had 0 (not even a taste lol).

We watched a movie at her house.
Before - they would have had maybe one more / I would have had 3 - the rest of the bottle of wine.
Now - they had 0 / I had 0 - and not bc they were trying to support me - just bc they didn't want to.

We went home and went to bed.
Before - dh and ds went to bed and slept well / I slept crappy bc I went over my limit.
Now - we all went to bed and I, anyway, slept amazing!

Woke up this morning
Before - dh and ds feel fine / I feel like crap, guilty, depressed, anxious, pissed off
Now - We all wake up feeling fantastic - ready to tackle the to do list

Lesson learned
Before - I am really the only one over drinking and it would not have enhanced watching the movie or dinner in any way.
Now - I am not letting alcohol be part of all of my weekend activities. I feel really good, empowered.

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