Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So how can I type all of that yesterday morning and then have three beers that night?  How can I go to being so resolved 10 hours later and drinking that night.  I only had three beers, pretty darn good for a Friday night - SHUT UP!   BLAH ....BLAH ....BLAH .....  Maybe heroin addicts tell themselves that they only shot up twice today ..... progress ..... right?  It is just the bullshit voice of the addiction yacking in my ears.  SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!!!!!

Last night I was barely even buzzed and my16yo dd said, "Mom I love you to death, and I know that you aren't drunk (don't you dare tell me I am drunk when I am not - she knows i am ultra sensitive about that), but you just act weird when you drink."  WHAT? If I had been a little more buzzed I would have gotten my feeling hurt, gotten upset.  I didn't - I went to bed.

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