Friday, August 19, 2011

The Infinite Intelligence that is the source and substance of this universe
is everywhere present, and it is present within me. There's something in me
that always knows what to do and how to accomplish it in the most graceful
and effective way, and that something is right now activated; it informs me
of the right decisions to make, even when I feel confused or unclear.

The infinite presence of Spirit is always ready to offer insight and
understanding, ready to provide powerful opportunities to broaden my
experience of understanding the universe in which I live. Spirit is never
confused, it is never unclear, it is never unsure. In me, this Spirit now
takes shape as confident, clear decision making, thoughtful and responsive
choosing, and a joyous understanding that every choice, no matter what it
looks like, leads me closer to the experience of my own divine nature.

I give thanks for this ability to open my mind and my intellect and my
heart...all that I am! the clear, intuitive, spiritual genius within. I
do so now, and am profoundly grateful for the wonderful choices and
decisions that come from this inner activity. And so it is.
I am now receiving a "morning blessing" from a webite I subscribed to.  
The above passage came from there.  I think it really speaks to me. 
 I have always known what I needed to do to find peace in my life.  I 
have always known, I just have not acted.  My actions have not been 
in sinc with what I have known is right for me.  That alone has caused 
a great deal of turmoil, angst, anger inside my own self.  This weekend
 I will live according to my inner belief about what is right.  For the first
 time in a long time I will do it because I WANT to - not because I am 
forcing myself to.

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