Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ok so two big steps today. One I shared with my DH all of my struggles over the last year at mm (really over the last 25 years). He doesn't think I have a prob but supports the fact that I think I have one. That's a little scary since I don't want him to judge me or think badly of me. 

Two. Ironically. After I got done crying my eyes out to him. Our dear friends texted us about going to one of our favorite places to sit in the sun for a beer. Normally - no question. For about 30 minutes - struggled with the choice - I could just start Monday with my 30. Cried in the shower while I was arguing with myself. Declined the invitation. I am sure it would have gotten me out of this emotional funk but I am also sure it wouldn't have made me feel any better tomorrow. One of my fav quotes is "what we are tomorrow is based on the choices we make today". Me - 1. Alcohol - 0.

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