Sunday, April 3, 2016

4/3/16 (Sun) Pros and Cons List

Positives of drinking:

Feel good for a couple of hours
Feel socially accepted and liked
Feel socially confident
Feel "happy" and relaxed
Feel like I have control
Feel celebratory

Negatives of drinking (EVERY TIME):

Not be able to sleep
Heart palpitations
Bight sweats
Be depressed for days
Anxiety days
Be exhausted days
Be distracted days
Not be productive
Feeling of failure

Positives of not drinking:

Better sleep
Less anxiety
Less sensitivity
Feeling of calmness
More productive/focused
More energy
More likely to work out
Feelings of pride
No "lows"

Negatives of not drinking:

Feeling socially awkward
Others feeling weird around me
Being different
Not fitting in
Fatigue (thinking about drinking gives me energy)
No "highs"

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