Sunday, April 3, 2016

4/3/16 (Sun) Drank - extreme physical response to alcohol - back to not drinking

Ok, so I have a question for anyone out there listening.  I did drink 2 glasses of wine last night and no I'm not mentally happy about that but that's not my question.  My question is about how a body handles alcohol physically.  I had 2 glasses of white wine with dinner last night that threw me for a loop.  I didn't feel that great while drinking ( just kinda light headed and out of it - buzzed but not in a good way) and then at 1:00 am I am awake sweating, heart palpitations, nauseous, anxiety - not anxiety from beating myself up bc I drank but a true physical response to drinking.  I didn't even drink that much.  What is going on ???

Here are some things I am wondering...either

1.  I have just abused my body for so long with weekend binge drinking that I have developed some sort of hypersensitivity to alcohol. My body just doesn't seem to be able to process any amount at all.

2.  I do have a genetic gene mutation called MTHFR that makes it really hard for my body to metabolize folic acid which in turn keeps my histamine levels high all the time.  Maybe this is having an effect. However I have had this my whole life and this reaction to alcohol is getting worse over time.

3.  I did take a 1/4 of naltrexone pill (which I was doing before Christmas - see previous posts - and having some success with a reduction in binge drinking).  Maybe that made me sick last night - totally felt the alcohol more than I should and felt so bad during the night.  This could have had an effect but it is getting worse over time even when I don't take the pill.

Do any of you have any knowledge, experience, articles to read about any of this?  Any input would be appreciated.  I am kinda a research junkie :)  Experiences of others and written article really help me try to figure out what is going on with me.

I suppose it is a blessing in disguise bc what I really want, in my heart, is to not drink and be 100% fink with it (happy even) in all situations.  If it makes me sick I will be less likely to drink it.  It just isn't worth it!

Back to not drinking :)

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  1. I believe that lowered tolerance like this is a sign of progressive alcohol abuse disorder.

    I definitely got to the point where I could drink a lot and be ok, or drink a little and be wasted.

    All signs I needed to quit.