Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/16 (Tues) Alcohol Induced Hypomania

Does anyone have any knowledge on this subject?  I am almost postive this applies to me.  I think I may also have alcohol induced Bipolar ll. Here is why:

When I drink I show all of the signs of hypomania.

The symptoms of hypomania include the following:
  • an inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
  • an inflated sense of well-being
  • a decreased need for sleep
  • increased talking
  • racing thoughts
  • increased activity
  • increased pleasure-seeking
I get SO loud and hyper when I drink. I get like annoyingly loud.  I talk incessantly. I feel like what I have to say is more important than what everyone else says.  I interrupt and talk over people. I talk about things I shouldn't. When I was in high school, we would drink and I was the one that wanted to skip through the streets (literally) looking for a swing set because "I love swinging!!!" I would say. Then, "Lets's go to Little Ceasars for Cheeezy Bread!"  I would suggest roller skating, bowling, 4 wheel driving in the mountains, cow tipping, whatever - just something hyper and active.  Man -I thought I was the shit! 

I've gotten better about the crazy "doing" stuff but my mouth has gotten worse.  I feel like all that alcohol induced "mania" now has to exit my body through my mouth.  I am a serious loud mouth when I drink and it is embarrassing.  I don't get belligerent or fight with people. I just dominate all conversations. If I can't dominate a conversation or people aren't listening, I find another conversation to join. When drinking, I still think I am the shit.  The difference now is that the next day I know I am a piece of shit instead lol.  Now I can actually see through my own bullshit.

I also believe alcohol induces the depressed side for the next 3 to 4 days when I feel down, depressed, exhausted, unmotivated, blah.  I have been trying to find information on this subject but mostly what I find is articles talking about dual diagnosis.  People who have these disorders tend to have substance issues.  I truly believe that I have this disorder but that it is 100% caused by alcohol - not the other way around.  When I did not drink that 9 months, almost all of it went away.  The only thing I did still struggle with was depression and that was only on Friday and Saturday nights when I couldn't drink - so still alcohol induced.  The rest of the week I felt much more "even".  Not the super high highs but also not the super low lows - just even - just normal I guess.  It has never been my normal, but maybe that is what normal is.

I chose the above picture because when I get super hyped up everything seems like it is moving so fast (including my mouth) that it is all just a blur.

Anyone have any experience with this? or any articles that talk about it?


  1. I would say most drinkers I know exhibit those signs.

    The post drinking depression and anxiety was huge problems for me too. Monday's were my worst day, after drinking Friday Saturday and Sunday.

    no I love Monday, because I remember how horrific it once was.

  2. totally agree..same exact symptoms,once i'm sober for a few weeks i completely calm down..would love to hear more about this syndrome