Friday, December 9, 2016

12/9/16 (Fri) - Try again

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I'm going to try again to have a calm, restful, uneventful, sober weekend.  Last weekend wasn't bad.  I only had 4 drinks the whole weekend but I think any amount of alcohol affects my sleep and makes me depressed.  It is freezing where I live so that does help - no sun to sit in.  If I am super tired after work today (like last Friday) I am going to come home and take a nap instead of going to buy alcohol.  If I am really that tired, would my body and brain really rather have some sleep or some alcohol?  Kind of a dumb question...


  1. Please, go back and read last weekends post.
    You didn't drink that much, but your body reacted badly- heart palpitations, etc.
    Take care. Find support.
    Choose sleep every time.