Friday, December 2, 2016

12/2/16 (Fri) Gluten Allergy? MTFHR?

I have not been eating any gluten for a few days and the yesterday I ate a whole white bagel and a whit tortilla...gross....but I was hungry and tired and grumpy.  Last night I felt like I had been drinking.  I woke up with my heart pounding and my head felt weird.  When I woke completely, I was glad it wasn't alcohol induced but it was really weird.

I also have a chromosomal defect called MTHFR. My body can't process folic acid so I take methyfolate instead.

I wonder if either one of these could be impacting my body's ability to process alcohol.  I just feel like I have always gotten more drunk than everyone else and suffered worse hangovers when drinking the same amount as people around me.

Maybe my body just can't handle it...maybe it never could...I  know for a fact my brain can't.

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I also know that drinking derails all five of the above good habits.


  1. I do think our bodies are wired differently. When I drank, that first drink, when it first went down it was like turning a switch on in my body - I could actually feel it coursing through my veins. You could be allergic to it. I'm not familiar with MTHFR, but I'd recommend research. Have a great sober weekend:] Audrey

  2. I also have th MTHFR and I have celiac disease.
    I processed alcohol ok until I became addicted. I can say in the last few years of drinking I was all over...sometimes I could drink a lot...sometimes I blacked out after a little.
    It's a sign of alcohol abuse disorder...I scared me.