Saturday, December 24, 2016

12/24/16 (Sat) Christmas Eve - what to do?

I did not drink last night - yeah! I just didn't feel like it.  Of course still feeling lethargic from my binge on Wednesday probably helped.

I have mixed feeling about the next two days (actually week bc we also have 2 birthdays and new years in the mix and another Christmas when my sister gets back):

On the one hand - I don't want to drink.  When I quit for 9 months a couple of years ago, it included the holidays.  I know I can do it and I know in the end it will be a much better two weeks if I don't drink at all.  Also, one of me biggest triggers (sister) is out of town this year so that will definitely help. I really like drinking with her. Very quite this year.  Only having around 6 people over tonight and 7 tomorrow.  I do not feel the need to impress any of these people (either I don't care what they think or they are over so often it doesn't matter) with the spotless house, or a perfectly cooked 4 course meal.

On the other hand - I know I am stopping January 1 for at least 30 days, so I might as well have a few now.  I will be cooking both days and that is also a huge trigger for me.....

Maybe I just won;t try to figure it all out right this very minute and take it minute by minute...hour by by day...

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