Friday, November 25, 2011

What am I grateful for?

Let's see - what am I grateful for (on terms of my issues with alcohol) :

1.  The mmabsers list - which keeps gently reminding me the peace and joy that comes from sobriety
2.  The mm list which got me to this place to begin with
3.  Some personal friends I have made here (you know who you are) who are always checking in on me
4.  I haven't ever been in trouble with the law when it comes to my drinking.
5.  I haven't ever had the official "shakes", vomiting, seizures that come from full on physical withdrawal
6.  I haven't lost anyone I love because of my personal struggles
7.  I don't ever drink when I first get up to help with withdrawals
8.  My family doesn't now that I struggle this much with my addiction
9.  No one at my work know I struggles with this obsession
10.  Everyone still loves me and basically thinks I am a good person
11.   I still have the respect of my husband, daughter and son
12.   I am healthy despite the toxin I keep putting in my body
13.   I still have the ability to fight the fight.

I look at this list and it seems to be a list of potential disasters (#4 - #13) that could change my life forever if I don't get this under control.  That is a little scary.

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