Sunday, November 27, 2011

History of Sober Saturdays

I went back and checked my abstar row.  I have been counting since March 2010.  I have only had 10 sober Saturdays in that much time and they were usually followed by a binge on Fridays - too HO to drink.
I love being able to go back and look at my numbers. I am getting better at not drinking during the week - In April 2010 I only had 1 day that I could put in a 0!  I now abs 3-5 days a week regularly.  However, my problem has always been binge drinking on the weekends.  It is interesting that as my daily numbers crept up - my bingeing decresed - probably supplying my body with a constant stream of alc kept my addiction happy.  As I have gotten my daily numbers under control - my bingeing has gotten worse followed by excruciating HOs.  I think my body works so hard to clear itself of the toxins during the week that 1- it is in all out craving/panic mode by the time Friday comes (which leads to a binge) and 2 - it just can't handle that much alco being thrown back into the system at one time.  My body is tired of fighting this toxin.

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