Saturday, July 9, 2011

7/9/11 (Sat) - Renaissance Festival will be challenging

I made it through yesterday.  The first Friday in a long time.  It felt good to be able to say no and mean it.  I did, however, sleep terrible.  I kept waking up, startled, having bad dreams.  I don't know why, but I do know it is normal at about day #4 for me.

Today is going to be challenging. We are going to an all day event that involves drinking.  It is a festival that a bunch of families attend.  In the past I have embarrassed myself, not been able to drive home and been a terrible role model for my kids.  I usually drink beer all day with no water and very little food.  Everything is very expensive, including the water. I don't seem to mind, though, when it comes to the beer. I know I am going to drink so here are my goals:

  • For every beer I drink I will buy and drink a bottle of water.  This will help me slow down and keep hydrated.  
  • At the end of the day, I will not get into this binge mode because it is almost over, and slam the last two beers.
  • I will be fully aware of what my children, 16 and 13, want to do and will do it with them.  This year it will not be all about me.
Today is about harm reduction.  I plan to have a great day without getting wasted.

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  1. Kudos to you for starting a blog about the "journey". Before I started my blog a year ago I looked for other sites that shared the same thing I was going through. All I found were sites of AA members that had successfully completed their journey. Although they were very inspirational, after awhile if you've "recovered" your life is no longer about how to survive the struggle, it's about your success. I was hoping by now I would have a success story but I'm still on that f'ing journey. I will look forward to sharing successes and roadblocks and detours with you in your blog.