Friday, July 8, 2011

7/8/11 (Fri) Doing better - Sober Friday!

7:30 - Today I work up feeling like I have a hangover.  A little bit of the heart palpitations.  Tired.  I think this is just my body still withdrawing.  Today will be difficult.  It is day 4 and that is always challenging and it is Friday.  My brain/addiction will start telling me that it is no big deal ....  that I can handle it.  We will see .... going to the gym.

Almost 8:30 here...avoided drinking neighbors... kept busy/distracted...enjoyed a rainbow completely sober...I think I am home free!

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  1. Honey, you and I just lived the same week! Your physical symptom of hangover and withdrawal are almost identical to mine and I find as I get older they last longer. My biggest problem is the sleeplessness. I go several nights in a row getting one or two hours or sometimes no sleep. DH accuses me of being drunk (I do have to drink just to get myself going)but I'm seriously sleep deprived. I'm back on the abs side of the see-saw. I think I'm going to have to get off the see-saw and make it permanent.