Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6/13/17 (Tues) Tools to stop drinking

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Watching the Kevin O'Hara video on the 10 ways he has remained sober for 4 years.

The three I think I really need to work on are:

Use the long term reasons I want to stop drinking to overcome me need for instant gratification.
Visualize when my life will be one year from now if I quit or if I don't
Hold myself 100% accountable for my decision to put alcohol in my mouth - don't blame it on the situation, the environment or the people I am with.

What has to change in order to maintain sobriety? Prepare for obstacles, to be social.

Change of lifestyle
What are you going to replace alcohol with?

Understand your triggers
How are you going to deal with things that make you want to drink?

Change your environment
Change your environment to reduce triggers

Learn from past mistakes
Why did you drink after being sober? Why are you not able to moderate?
When you fail, look at why and don't repeat it.

Find the reasons you really want to stop drinking
Not a hangover which goes away and you forget - but long term reasons - from a non emotional place
The reason needs to be stronger than the desire to drink

Get leverage
What are the immediate positives of not drinking - think about that when tempted

Visualize yourself
If you continue to drink vs if you stop drinking

Be your own coach
Keep track - talk to yourself - hold yourself accountable

Take full responsibility for your behavior
It is 100% up to you if you choose to drink or not drink


  1. No one forces me to put the drink in my mouth, but once I start drinking, it takes over.
    In the end, it is us that have to decide we want to quit.
    No one can make us do that, either.
    Really good list!

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  3. Being your own coach is great, but complicated.
    Accountability to oneself is hard. We beat ourselves up and lie to ourselves too easily.

    Support can come from many places. Find some help. With love and compassion...not rules and check marks.