Thursday, June 9, 2016

6/9/16 (Thurs) 100% Commitment

I wanted to make note to myself for future reference some of the lines that spoke to me from the book.

I feel that the authors went inside my head and pulled out my thoughts.  The bold statements are new ways of thinking for me.  The rest I have thought and probably even written about in the past.  It is weird to see all of my thoughts written down by someone else.

"Often the time you spend thinking about drinking, planning the next drinking event, doing the actual drinking, and then recovering from your drinking, adds up to far more than an hour per day."

"You destiny if often the consequences of your daily decisions."

"When you fully commit to thriving in sobriety, the answers you seek come a lot more quickly."

"The truth is that you, and only you, are responsible for the quality of your life."

"The external conditions and circumstances are not stopping you - you are stopping yourself."

"You need to stop responding to events by drinking, whether it is drinking to celebrate, drinking to forget,  or drinking to socialize, and respond with thoughts and actions that are aligned with your values goals and purpose."

"You have to acknowledge the truth - that you are the one that thought the thoughts, created the feelings, made the choices, and took actions that got you to where you are now."

"Every circumstance you complain about is something you can change but have chosen not to."

"Why haven't you changed yet? Is it because it involves risks? The risk of being bored, not being liked, being ridiculed and judged by normal drinkers?"  You also run the risk of failure and disappointing yourself.

"You avoid taking risks and stay put and complain about your situation."

"Once you are 100% committed, there are no exceptions and no negotiations" which frees you from inner conflict and allows you to put all of you energy and direct it to what you actually want out of life. "Once your commitment drops to 99%, you open the door to the internal debate to begin, and when it comes to alcohol, this debate usually ends in the rationalization to drink again."

"You can decide that you have suffered all the negative consequences you are eve going to suffer from drinking and that today you have hit your rock bottom."

These last two are big for me - I am always telling myself that I am not that bad, that really bad things haven't happened yet.  This is so stupid but sometimes I wish I would have
a seizure from withdraws, or be diagnosed with some illness so that I would have to stop and have a concrete reason to tell other people so that they didn't look at me differently - so that I wouldn't have an more excuses to continue to drink. I need to be 100% committed to at least these 30 days to I can focus on what I really want out of life and thrive in sobriety rather than feeling like I 'm missing something. I need to give my brain a break from the mental obsession of whether I am going to drink or not.

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