Saturday, June 11, 2016

6/11/16 (Sat) Day 6 - Relentless insomnia

I'm craving a good nights sleep.  I am starting to feel dizzy and out of it all day bc I am only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the past 6 nights.  I go to bed at 10:00 and don't fall asleep until sometime between 1:00 and 3:00.  It doesn't usually take this long after a bad weekend to be able to sleep.  Any suggestions out there to get some relief other than taking a pill?

OMG!!! I am soo emotional today!!! Probably partly bc I'm not sleeping.  I told my dh everything this morning.  About how long I have struggled and how bad it has gotten for me.  He, of course, is not surprised at all and supportive no matter what do, but I have this overwhelming sense of fear and dread.  What did I do? How can I ever try to drink normally again with him knowing all of that?  I will look like such a fool.

My ds just invited me and my son to Florida for a week.  I drink with her all the time and have fun.  I just sent her a text asking, "What if I am still not drinking?" I am sitting here waiting for her response. She may not want me if I can't drink with fact I am crying worried about what she will say and even if she does say it is ok, does she really mean it.....


  1. Ugh, it's so frustrating when you can't sleep. You stress out about how tired you're going to be tomorrow and it makes things worse. I don't know of a single quick fix, but there are things you can do to stack things more in your favor. Avoid caffeine as much as possible. Personally, I have to have my morning coffee, but I try to avoid it after noon. Avoid screens within a couple of hours of bedtime. No phone or TV or computer. There's a good amount of research that the light from these suppresses melatonin levels, which disrupts your sleep cycles. Not only that, but if you're on your computer reading emails, working or stressing over the news, you're not relaxing and preparing for sleep. Most importantly, get some exercise every day, preferably not late in the evening, or it can wind you up even more. In my experience, tiring out the body quiets the mind and I sleep a lot better when I'm exercising regularly. If you do all these things, and sleep is still elusive, you may just have to give it some time. Your body is adjusting and it might take a while to balance out. In the meantime, napping is a great thing! I never used to nap, because I could always guilt myself that there was too much I could be doing, but these days, if I feel like a nap, I take one. If you can, I highly encourage it. Hope it gets better!

    1. Thanks you. I am trying to do all those things. I think I got 6 hours last night so making a little progress. Hopefully every night will get a little better.

  2. I slept terrible when I was actively drinking/for the first month or so that I was sober. What I learned was that it was a alcohol messing up the chemicals in my brain.