Friday, June 10, 2016

6/10/16 (Fri) Finding Purpose Part 2

Thoughts (my interpretations) from the book I want to remember:

Fear is common and normal. Most problem drinkers are afraid to continue and afraid to quit. BINGO!!

Real change comes a the edge of your comfort zone.

Make a choice to be positive about your choice to thrive in sobriety.

I have a distorted image of myself and will never be the person I want to be while drinking.

Hangovers cause you to be to to tired and depressed to have the energy to take real action.

Deep down I know I am meant for something bigger and better but alcohol is keeping me from that.

Drinking equals pain. Sobriety equals pleasure.

I also read somewhere else about how self absorbed I become during a hangover.  All I want to do is isolate myself and wallow in my depression, anxiety and sadness while blogging about how miserable I am.  Kinda pathetic way to live.

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