Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Annoying People

Today I was thinking about how I behave when I am drinking.  I started thinking about this woman at the gym, probably my age, pretty, thin, ANNOYING!  She really is pretty nice if you talk to her in person - I have known her for a few years, but to watch her from a distance is so irritating.  She is so loud.  She wants everyone to hear her, to notice her.  She talks loudly even if the person she is talking to is right next to her, as if she thinks everyone else in the gym will be fascinated by what she is talking about.  We go into the yoga room. Most people are just sitting there - she is doing a headstand!

They say the things that most bug you in people are probably things you don't like about yourself.  Well, I think I am that person when I am drinking at a party.  I am soo loud, want everyone's attention and think I am just the shit.  I wonder if people look at me at parties the same way I look at her at the gym????  Probably....Well, that's embarrassing!

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  1. haha well if it's any consolation, you had an excuse.