Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4/17/18 - Packing dream again

I had terrible dreams again last night about trying to pack for a flight. Everyone else was already packed and ready to go. I couldn't find the right suitcase, couldn't find the clothes I was looking for and was having a panic attack trying to get finished before someone said, "Let's go." I was literally ripping through my drawers looking for clothes, running frantically up and down basement stairs looking for a larger suitcase. It is an extremely stressful dream that wakes me up with my heart still racing.  I have had this dream before and sure enough, on March 10, I found where I had written about it.  I looked up what is could mean and found this last time:

DREAM:  “I dreamt of being booked on an airline flight, but missed the flight.”  “I dreamt of getting ready for a big road trip but had trouble deciding what to pack.”COMMENTARY:  These dreams often show our hesitancies, attachments, or beliefs that are somehow limiting us or stopping us from taking a step in our lives or a step toward a deeper way of living. It could be our need to be prepared that stops us (e.g. we are busy packing or deciding what to take with us)
I found his this article today Dreams about packing
In the dream last night, I was packing to go to a place I had just been (like in the last month) and I couldn't find any of the clothes I packed last time. I definitely think this is related to chaos, difficulties making decisions, fear of failure, not knowing how to overcome a problem, feeling unprepared for an upcoming journey, etc. 
Maybe I will get some restful sleep tonight...

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