Saturday, January 7, 2017

1/7/16 (Sat) Could have gone 4 ways

My dh came home last night in a really bad place. He had a really bad day at work - like really bad - like almost having a breakdown bad.  The evening could have gone one of 4 ways:

1. I could have gone to the party and still been there when he got home.  I would have gotten home buzzed and really not wanted to deal with it -selfish.

2.  I could have gone to the party and gone out after. I wouldn't have gotten home until late and maybe not even known how bad it was - selfish.

3. I could have not gone to the party but been sitting on the couch drinking.  I would not have wanted to deal with it and either blown it off or somehow started a fight - selfish.

4. I could have been sober when he got home, been completely present in the moment and been supportive to him  - not selfish.

Which one happened?????

Number 4! Yeah me! I was able to be there for him, not make it all about me, and guess what? My kids were home, worried about their dad and saw me be a kind, patient, supportive, unselfish person (which I am when not drinking). I've said it before - alcohol somehow makes me so selfish.  Not drinking brings a calm awareness to other people and their feelings.

Being sober rocks!


  1. I am so happy you were able to be there to support hubby!
    That's what I can do now that I am not drinking.
    Drinking made me very selfish, too.

    1. While drinking, I am selfish without even realizing it...weird.

  2. Huge win. You must feel so good.
    Hold on to that.