Monday, January 16, 2017

1/16/17 (Mon) Commitment

Well, I did not drink this weekend and it wasn't that hard bc I knew I wasn't drinking this month. Saturday I got a little grumpy and thought a beer would help me cheer up. Yesterday I was super productive and kinda wanted a beer when I was finished as a reward for all I had accomplished.  The thought came into my head and then left bc I knew I wasn't drinking this month.  It am not sure (please chime in with advice) but I think it might be a good idea for me to actually commit to a year of sobriety.  Maybe if I commit, it will help me in April, May, June and July (my hardest months to stay sober) to not drink.  I KNOW for a fact I will have cravings and want to drink.  I have tried in the past to convince myself that I just won't want to drink. I know that is not the case. So maybe if I have the same year long commitment as I have for January, it will be easier to resist.


  1. Great job not drinking this weekend. I found when I first stop drinking to keep it simple, I'm not drinking this month or even today, because if I said to myself "I'm not drinking this year" I got overwhelmed and it seemed impossible and scary. So as they say "one day at a time" or KISS (keep it simple stupid)haha.

    1. I totally hear what you are saying, but that hasn't worked for me in past attempts. One year does seem terrifying but if I commit to that - take drinking off the table - for 365 days maybe it will be easier to resist all those nasty drinking voices in my head. Just make it not be an option.

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  3. Only you know what works for you.
    (At least that's what I think.)
    This time I went for 100 days, and I did that day by day.
    I love counting days, and I had success when I did that.