Friday, January 13, 2017

1/13/17 (Fri) Sober Weekend Coming Up

I feel pretty good right now.  Sleeping is a crap shoot. Sometimes I can, sometimes not so that makes me kinda grumpy when I'm tired.  But, my brain is so much clearer.  I am thinking and speaking more clearly.  I feel kinda more "with it" if that makes sense.  I seem to have a better attitude about most things. Somehow when I drink everything just becomes so routine and mundane and depressing.  When I get depressed and upset about not being able to drink on the weekends, I need to remember how much that weekend drinking and the more often than not the hangover that followed just seemed to dull my senses, zap all the joy out of my life.  Sure I have a lot of fun while drinking but is that real, authentic fun and is it worth the kind of dulling down of the rest of the week?  I think not.

Super busy this week but sober and not even thinking about alcohol.  I hardly ever drank during the week anyway, but my brain usually would start gearing up for the weekend by now. Am I going to drink? When? How many?  May times I would make plans for the weekend just so I could/would drink.  I have done dry Januarys before, and knew I could do it so I haven't even thought about it.  It hasn't been an option.  I do hope that it becomes this easy in my whole life to not drink as it has become in January.  I do need to make sure I keep posting and learning reading and staying vigilant. It's when I check out because I think I am cured, that I think I can try to moderate again.


  1. Do you have some good sober plans?
    Reading? Tea?
    I will be going to yoga, cleaning, and reading!
    Not exciting! lol

  2. Just take it one day at a time. See what happens,