Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wine and cheese bar

So yesterday, my dd and I went shopping with one of my bff and her dd to this cute outdoor shopping mall.  My friend had been trying to get me to go to this wine and cheese bar for lunch since last summer.  When I had decided I wasn't drinking any more, I was sad that I had never gone.  Well, now that I am trying to moderate again, we went.  It was awesome!  I am trying really hard to not take my ability to have a perfect glass of cold white wine on a beautiful spring day with a plate of cheese, fruits and crackers for granted.  We sat on the patio and I really tried to not let the moment pass me by.  Really savor and enjoy that glass and the fact that I could do it.  I am taking this responsibility very seriously.  I had that one glass of wine around 4:00 in the afternoon and then nothing the rest of the night.  That is progress and I am very proud of myself.   I am trying to really savor and enjoy the couple of drinks I allow myself and also really enjoy being sober and not hungover the rest of the time.

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