Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday - Day 75

Today I find myself worried about the weekend.  We have a really fun weekend planned.  Lots of social activities.  In the past, I would be really excited. Three different events that really are three excuses to drink.  I know that I don't want to be like that anymore, but I find myself extremely bummed out about not being able to drink.  I am finding, however, that all the drama I create in my head before the event is way worse than actually getting through it once I get there, s I am trying to just not think about it.


  1. Is there any non-alcholic drink that makes you happy yet? For me its Ginger Ale or Earl Grey Tea. If its at a restaurant, I order some overly powerful cappuccino for after dinner. I know, these are not the same as the burn you get in your chest when you are embarking on a blissful me I know but if you can find even so much as a hint of joy in another liquid - without mercy too- if you are like me, I have gained weight since I quit and almost panic about it every time I get dressed but when it comes to what I drink when I am out (which isn't often enough unfortunately), I dont give a flying shit. I'll have 4 cokes bang, bang bang if it makes me happy.

  2. Yeah it is a bummer to just be stone cold sober all the time, especially when there's a party or other events where others are boozing (I've got a Hens this weekend, gulp). But, oh, waking up in the morning with no hangover and no guilts, so worth it!!!!!!!!! Good luck xxx