Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5/31/17 (Tues) - How I feel in relation to how much I drink

Drinking in excess (having hangovers) - I feel terrible, completely derailed
Drinking too much but not enough to have a hangover - I feel lethargic, unmotivated
Drinking some but moderating well - I feel good, somewhat motivated
Not drinking at all - I feel great

The difference between successfully moderating and not drinking at all is becoming apparent the more non drinking days I have under my belt.  It is a difference between feeling good and feeling great.


  1. My question would be how often do you honestly drink lightly and in moderation. Wiithin health guidelines (which would be 5 oz of wine a day)?

    So how many good or great days are there?

    It took quite a while for sober me to feel great. The post alcohol withdrawal is real. It takes a long time for the body to recover, and the mind.

    I won't stop commenting. But I will say again...life is simpler sober. And it is just as fun. Maybe not immediately, but eventually your eyes will open.

    Hug. Take care.

  2. You have an addiction, and it's hard.
    Like Anne, it took me a long time for my body to heal.
    Now, I have way more motivation than I did while drinking.
    Like Anne, I found that sober life is way easier and way more fun than drinking.

  3. Thank you, Anne and Wendy, for continuing to remind me. I need to keep hearing it. It is slowly starting to sink in.

    1. I think I really think being a weekend binge drinker is the hardest (that what I was too). No booze and strict dirt during the week, drinking every weekend.

      The ability to control it somewhat was an illusion I held on to. And because I surrounded myself with fellow binge drinkers it seemed normal.

      It is strange now to see most people who go out to eat on a Saturday night don't seem to be getting plastered. I know I always was....


    2. I know what you mean. When I was sober for 9 months, we would go out to dinner and I was shocked (like I couldn't stop staring) that over half the people in a restaurant were not drinking on a Saturday night!!! Unthinkable!! And I was too busy getting my drink on to even notice. I just assumed everyone else was drinking too. Who didn't drink on a Friday or Saturday night?? I had for as long as I can remember.