Saturday, May 13, 2017

5/13/17 (Sat) Tired

I am so tired. I am actually socially exhausted.  I am starting to realize that the bopping around talking to everyone (had a neighborhood graduation party to attend last night) with  alcohol induced hyperness is exhausting. Maybe I am not as social as I think I am because it is draining me. I am really just sick of talking to anyone about anything. When I am socially hyper because of alcohol I can feel how my brain is just going a mile a minute, not slowing down, talking to anyone about anything as quickly and loudly as possible.  It hurts my brain to think about it.  It is certainly not a calm, relaxed, in control feeling. Last night I actually had the thought, while drinking, the only reason I am still here is so I can keep drinking. THE ONLY REASON. It't exhausting.

 I do not have a hangover today but just feel blah, tired, out of shape, unmotivated, a bit depressed. I didn't sleep well. I know how much better I would feel by not drinking.....I just need to do it.

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I have got to find something else to plug into other than alcohol which gives me energy for maybe 10 hours on the weekend but zaps it the other 158 hours of the week.


  1. It takes some time for the body to heal from the alcohol. Like months.
    During. That time it's normal to be tired. It's a sign to do less, take care of yourself and slow down.
    I used to be a social butterfly, but I also knew I went out to for a while I didn't go out. I read. I cried. I had lots of baths.

    Then I felt better and started trying. I love coffee. And I will occasionally have an energy drink to get through a big night out (or weekend...we are headed to Ohio to rock on the range this weekend. Hours of music every day).

    I have my limits. That's ok. The booze was just covering up my desire to be quieter anyway.

    1. 100% true - Booze was covering up my desire to be quieter - also ALL social activities for me are an excuse to drink

  2. Like Anne, I too, am quieter than I thought now that I quit drinking.
    I am still fun, but I had to learn it wasn't the crazy drunk fun.
    I really do like to meet one or two people for coffee, or ice cream, and just talk about life!