Friday, April 14, 2017

4/14/17 (Fri) - Rapid, thudding heart beat after one drink?

Very interesting article about all the ways alcohol damages the body.

Question for all of you out there - when I drink anything (even just one beer, glass of wine or hard seltzer), my heart beats really hard when I go to bed. It feels like it is going to beat out of my chest.  It beats more quickly than normal and kind of has this rolling over thudding feeling.  Its so bad it keeps me awake for hours.  I get that binge drinking will cause this - but one drink?  Anyone have any medical evidence of what is happening?


  1. My hunch is anxiety. Alcohol made me very high and then very low. The good news is, it all subsided when I quit. If you stop drinking, all these horrible side effects you blog about from drinking will also fade away.

    One other thing. If you stop drinking, you can let go of over analyzing every detail about drinking. All that time could be spent on a better you. Just imagine.

  2. Yes. Anxiety.
    There is also something called holiday heart-post drinking palipitations. But it's also really just anxiety as well.