Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8/12/15 - “Love of comfort is the enemy of greatness” – Todd Henry.

I was listening to someone talk about a presentation they attended from Todd Henry.  He talked about the 7 sins of mediocrity.  I think I am going to order this book and read it.  It talks a lot about ego, fear of the unknown and the need to stay comfortable as roadblocks to true change in our lives.

These sins are:

AIMLESSNESS: The book's chapter "Define Your Battles" helps you identify what you will stand for.
BOREDOM: "Be Fiercely Curious" provides several strategies to avoid "busy boredom," including what he calls a "bliss station."
COMFORT: "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone" helps you establish a new vector and set step, sprint, and stretch goals on your new course.
DELUSION: "Know Yourself" helps you identify what truly resonates with you and what unique contribution you alone are capable of pursuing.
EGO: "Be Confidently Adaptable" helps you prevent an inflated ego from stalling progress on your most important work.
FEAR: "Find Your Voice" helps you take small, calculated risks every day.
GUARDEDNESS: "Stay Connected" helps you maintain productive collaboration rather than closing off from relationships when things get busy.

In some areas in my life I think I am stuck in mediocrity of this fight with alcohol because my ego tells me I can successfully moderate, my guardedness keeps me from showing my true self to people, my need for comfort makes the challenges of sobriety too much to handle and my fear of never drinking again, not fitting in, looking weird, not having friends, not enjoying vacation, never having fun keeps me from total sobriety.

I am still feeling this morning that my life can have a greater purpose.

Love of comfort is the enemy of greatness” – Todd Henry.


  1. Are you saying I look weird? LOL
    Man, you do make sobriety look like a loser, it's no wonder you're scared to death of it. Do you really think booze has the power to do all of that? Make you fit in? Look good? Make friends? Make vacations fun? Make everything fun? You are giving it way too much credit and not enough credit to yourself.

  2. No, I am in fact jealous of you. I know that all of those reasons are just my addiction giving me reasons why I should drink. Those are my fears, even if irrational :)

  3. Your life can have a greater purpose, but you will never see why it is until you stop drinking. Sad, but true.

  4. Somewhere deep down inside I feel like this is my purpose. This is why I am here. To show my family and everyone around me that there is a different way to enjoy life. That we don't need the drug. To break the cycle. To not die of alcoholism the way my father did.