Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/9/15 - Back to school

Well I go back to school tomorrow.  I am a WAYYY better place than I was last year at this time. Last year I was a wreck! I had just come off of like 10 straight days of drinking (we had gotten stuck on vacation because we were flying standby) and I was a mess.  I started the year in such a dark, scary, lonely place. I am thankful I am not in that place this year.

I say it every year, but this is going to be the year I come into myself, so to speak.  I am going to be 48 years old this next birthday and it is about time I get my shit together.

Here are my goals:

Only work 8 hour days (as a teacher I could easily be at school 10 ours every day)
Tell myself, "It will all get done and it doesn't have to be right now."
Not get sensitive about other people's comments or lack thereof - worry about myself
Not get caught up in other people's drama
Say no - I don't need to have my hand in every jar
Stop feeling like I have to control everything and do everything myself
Trust that other also know what they are doing
Work out 4 days a week - EVERY WEEK
Go to Yoga 2 times a week - EVERY WEEK
Only drink on the weekends and only moderately
Take my naltrexone every time I drink
Drink water
Get enough sleep
Walk my dogs
Eat a clean diet
Try to keep my stress level down
Be a calm, peaceful, positive, easygoing version of myself
Blog at least once a week

I KNOW I can do all of this if my drinking is under control
I KNOW that none of this is possible with over drinking and hangovers


  1. I think I'll adopt a few of these myself, but I think I'm going to have to work on being a "clam" (Hey, Teach, don't forget to check your work, you've got students watching. Ha Ha! I got a sp. correction myself this week from one of my readers.) I sobered up when I was 49 so I challenge you to beat me to it in age.
    Go get 'em! Glad you're in a better place.

    1. Your intent is good, I'm sure, but is making this gal second guess her grammar productive right now when she's just trying to unburden herself of emotions? I ask you to recall how you might have felt about such "helpful" comments in early sobriety. I know you have come a long way on your journey, but maybe it would serve you and others if you could remember how sensitive and easily swayed you were at the beginning.

  2. That is a long and exhausting list.
    perhaps one goal a week would be simpler, and set you up for success.