Monday, August 7, 2017

Take control 8/7/17 (Mon)

Time to take control of my fitness and get busy.  If I want to lose a little weight, get in better shape and fit into my clothes - I actually need to work at it. I can't just write about it, read about it, plan it, think about it, goal set around it - I have figured out this is my form of procrastination.  In my mind I feel like I am starting to do it bc I am planning it, but in reality I never get past that stage.  This is the exact form of procrastination that kept me drinking for last 10 years.
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So I'm going to get up, get out of my jammies, put of some workout clothes and work on what I want


  1. It is always helpful to have a plan.
    I go to yoga every day, barring appointments, illness etc.
    I dot debate or question it. It is just routine. I love it.

    Find something you like. Do that. It doesn't have to be crossfit or a marathon.

  2. I struggled with this, too, but it has become better. I go to yoga 3 times a week, and walk on the other days.
    But I am not perfect with this.
    Forming new habits can be hard at first.