Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/2/12 (Thurs) - SMART CBA Worksheet

Question #1 What do I enjoy about my addiction?  What does it do for me?

Helps me relax
Reduces boredom
Makes things fun/something to look forward to
Helps me feel socially accepted/part of the group

Question #2 What do I hate about my addiction?

Hangovers/wasted days
Mental obsession
Disappointment in myself
Preoccupation with alcohol
The example I set for my kids

Question #3 What do I think I will like about giving up my addiction?

Self confidence/being proud of myself
Better sleep
Better fitness
Being a better role model for my children
Less anxiety/depression?
No more hangovers

Question #4 What do I think I will won't like about giving up my addiction?

Being socially uncomfortable
Isolating myself
Being bored
Unable to enjoy/look forward to things
Can life be fun without it?
Breaking habits (wine in the sun on the porch)
Worried that I can't ever enjoy those things again
The thought of NEVER again


  1. I could have practically duplicated this if I had done this before I quit-ha!!

    Re: Question 4:
    1. Yes..that will happen, although it will get easier with time. You might never really enjoy super-heavy-drinky parties. Oh well. Cest la vie, right?
    2. I did a fair amount of this while drinking, so I don't think I can answer this fear. There may have been a couple things I skipped on when I was first sober, but you're afraid you'll what...sit home alone while other people are out drinking?
    3. You enjoyed life as a kid without alcohol, didn't you? It's possible.
    4. see answer to 3
    5. Sure you'll have urges, but I found that they passed pretty quickly when I concentrated on how grateful I was to not be trapped in the obsession. BTW tea is fine on the porch.
    6. Hahaha.. Yes, those of us at mmabsers are a GRIM lot. :-) Come ON, what would you say if some heroin addict said to you, "if I stop shooting up, will I ever enjoy anything again?" You'd tell her that life without heroin is AWESOME! that's what you'd tell her.
    7. Darn--Never have a hangover, Never lie awake in bed filled with self recriminations, Never let you kids see you drunk, Never have to plan "will I drink? if so then...blah blah blah"

  2. I love the comparison to the heroin addict! It all sounds so ridiculous when you put it that way!