Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4 of withdrawals

I think I feel a little better today.  A little shaky but my heart was not doing flip flops inside my chest when I woke up so that is progress.  I think I actually did get some sleep last night, which also helps.  I don't ever want to go through this withdrawal stuff again.  It has become so much more than just - haha I have a hangover.  It it now a 4-5 day ordeal of feeling really weird and crappy. This time really scared me bc I was home alone the whole time (which was good bc I didn't have to make any excuses) but what if something bad would have happened in which I needed medical attention.  I have heard stories before of binge drinkers thinking they are just having a hangover and end up with a seizure 3 days later.  I DO NOT want my body to get to the point that it needs this G**D*** drug so bad that it has seizures when I stop.  My heart had been doing such weird things the last few days that it hurt when I went to bed last night.  I bumped my knee a few days ago on a table and I now have a bruise on my leg that is three inches wide.  Wait I just looked at it to see how big it was and it is gone.  Is that possible?  Not drinking for 4 days would help my bruise?  I cut a cuticle and it bleeds like crazy.  I know I am a worry wort but am I causing long term damage to my liver?  I need to stop taking my physical body for granted and treat it the way it deserves - cherished.

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  1. There's a phenonomum called kindling that is experienced by people repeatedly giving up alcohol whereby withdrawal symptoms get worse at each cessation. Sone people get to the point where they can't even have a few drinks without chronic symptoms the following days. That might explain any "worse" physical effects you are feeling.

    I was a binge drinker like yourself and started together night sweats and heart palpitations. Since being sober I've been taking milk thistle tablets for my liver, vitamin b1 for my brain and calium and magnesium for all sorts of things as these a depleted by alcohol consumption.

    Hang in there. I've a family, probably a bit younger than yours and I can see the rewards in "being there" for them more than I was. Take care, Paul.