Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 12 - weird dream

Last night I had a bizarre dream.  The first part I was drinking wine (yeah I knew those would start eventually) out of one of those clear little plastic cups.  The scenario was perfect - beautiful evening, walking outside, the best tasting wine I had ever had.  I knew I shouldn't be drinking it, but it was just so good.

Change scene (like dreams do) - I am in a room kicking the crap out of someone on the ground who was trying to hurt me.  As soon as he/she was "dead" (I guess) I saw all of these other "dead" people on the ground.  All of their spirits left their bodies and rose into the air.  I felt a very big sense of relief for them and for me.  Then I woke up  - instantly - which is the reason the dream is so vivid.

OK so bear with me.  This may seem a little cooky but I do believe dreams mean something.  Whether is be you own mind talking to you or God talking to you, I believe they are there for a reason.

I think my dream represents me kicking the crap out of my addiction, and feeling extremely relieved in the end.  I believe I woke up with that feeling for a reason.

Off to bed - let's see what I can dream up tonight!

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