Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 11

Pretty uneventful day.  I did, however, look at my fellow teachers - the ones I would go out to FAC with and I was never the first to leave - and wonder what would happen to those relationships.  What would I do the next time they asked me?  Go and not drink?  That would get a lot of questions.  Make up excuses why I can't go?  That can only last so long.  I know for sure they will not know I have a dependency issue.  no way!  I guess I could just tell them I had a New year's resolution to be super healthy for a month and then I just decided I liked life better without it.  That is what I am planning on telling neighbors.

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  1. That certainly is an option, to say you are trying out the new and super healthy life without alcohol!

    When I got sober in 2009 I continued going out partying with my colleagues, but without drinking alcohol of course. Though I simply told them the truth, that I was an alcoholic. I suppose this can or cannot be done, depending what kind of people one is surrounded with.

    It came as a shock to them, as they had absolutely no idea that I had problems with alcohol, none had ever suspected anything. But the response I got from all was very very good and they were all very supportive.

    But then after a while I lost interest in going out "partying", it just wasn't fun anymore as it no longer involved drinking. I mean... I used to go out with the sole purpose to drink alcohol and to get drunk.

    You are doing so well, congratulations to 11 days!!