Tuesday, November 28, 2017

As simple as that 11/28/17 (Tues)

During my hangover this weekend I was watching My 600 Hundred Pound Life. There was this woman who must have weighed 550 pounds. She couldn't get out of bed and was just eating all kinds of fried food and sweets.  My dh came in the room (who has no patience for stupid tv) and said, "Well just look what she is eating! No wonder she weighs that much. She just needs to stop eating junk food." I thought to myself that he is right but then I thought about myself.  I am not any better. Alcohol is ruining my ability to live up to my potential, to find peace and true happiness, to feel good about myself and what do I keep doing....drinking. Maybe I just need to stop putting the alcohol in my mouth! Maybe the answer is as simple as that 😀


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  2. I watch those shows once in a while too...sometimes you just need a brain break :) I've often thought of the parallels people have with breaking the cycle of crappy eating and quitting alcohol. I think "why is she sitting in her bed eating a plate of fried food?" Well, why do we keep opening the bottle of wine when we know what will happen?? It really makes you think!

  3. It is simple. But it isn’t easy.
    No one wants to be 600pounds. No one wants their family to think of them as a drunk. No one wants be be an addict.

    At some point drinking switches from fun and relaxing to self medicating and numbing. Maybe it does that for everyone eventually. Maybe it’s just some people.
    But at that point there is no good outcome that involves drinking. Mainly because there never was. It was just a way to fill time.

    So much wasted time...our binge drinking society is in a sad state.

  4. I hope you are ok. Thinking of you.

  5. Thanks Anne....I'm good. It means a lot that you are thinking about me.