Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11/16 (Sun) So far so good...but headaches...terrible dreams

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So far no alcohol :) One more day to make it a sober weekend.

I am a little irritated that even though I am not drinking, I am have incredibly stressful dreams and waking up with a headache every morning.  What gives?  Its not like I drink every day. In fact I didn't drink Monday - Thursday already last week.  The change is that I also didn't drink Friday or Saturday.

My dreams are things like:

Driving drunk through the treetops, freaking out, wondering how I am going to get back down to the road, sure I'm going to die

Strangling some guy to death with a broom handle  (he is laying down and I am stepping on either side which is across his neck)..know he is going to die

Having a special needs student in my class go into anaphylactic shock and I can't get any of my phones in my classroom to work so I can get an epipen..sure he is going to die

Sitting in a school assembly completely naked wondering how I am going to get to my clothes without anyone noticing

Just terrible/disturbing dreams!  I wake up multiple times in the night stressed with a headache. So dumb...

But, at least I haven't had a hangover :)

Well...this article makes me feel a little better. Maybe.....

"Dreams are a part of the disposal system of the brain. Nightmares clean your brain of what you don’t need. "
Negative Dreams, Disturbing Nightmares?

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