Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9/20/16 (Tues) New request....advice

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If I am going to get heavily involved in some sort of support group, I need to to look a certain type that fits my personality.

I think that I am pretty sensitive, emotional and compassionate towards others.  I hate conflict, am a peace maker and am not a great judge of character bc I have a hard time believing people could be coming from a place of bad intentions - some call that naive...I call it positive and optimistic.

However, when making decision, I am extremely analytical.  I research purchases to death. I am extremely organized and a bit of a perfectionist. I have researched addiction and alcohol for years and know a lot about it.  I think I am obsessed with it...with self analysis...maybe I have analysis paralysis...I love this quote, "Stop trying to figure out why the burning bridge you are standing on is on fire...just get off the bridge!"

I can't figure out if it would be better for me to stop obsessing (although that has usually led me back to drinking) or keep obsessing (which still isn't helping me to stop but making me crazy)!  I feel like I can't win...

I think I would do better with a more analytical type of support group.  While I can be emotional and do appreciate the "good jobs", what motivates me more is facts and proven research and hearing how much better people feel after a time away from drinking.  I need facts and proof.

One of the books I'm going to read again is Alan Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Drinking."  It just lays all the bullshit out on the table.  Alcohol is an extremely addictive socially accepted drug.  The only reason I want to keep drinking it is because my brain needs it for pleasure - I am addicted to it.  That line of thinking works better for me than the sappy, sugary stuff (which I still greatly appreciate hearing).


  1. I used to be on Women for Sobriety.
    You can almost always find someone to chat live anytime.
    They also have live chat groups which are very cool.
    I would give it a try!

  2. k, you have done exactly what I recommend in my book, that is to do a little self-analysis of yourself in order to better choose a recovery community for yourself. Given how you describe yourself, I think MM might have been a little to loosely structured for you. You might do better with the structure of a 12-step community. The Sober Recovery website has a wide range of sober communities-you might want to check it out. Have you read "The Naked Mind?" A lot of people have found it really instrumental in making the decision to quit. I think it is pretty analytical.

  3. I agree. I'm very analytical. To analysis paralysis.
    Just go to AA. It's been around for years, it's simple and it's everywhere.
    The 12 steps are extremely valuable as a path to self awareness.
    Plus, going is part of the journey to acceptance.
    Please try. You have absolutely nothing to lose. And everything to gain.

  4. I agree with Annie's response.