Saturday, September 17, 2016

9/17/16 (Sat) Day 13 - Advice please - speeding up the process...

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I went back and read some of my August, September, November posts from 2012 when I stayed sober for over 250 days.  I just wanted to see how long it took for he me start waking up feeling amazing.

I did not say I felt amazing until day 26.  I am only on day 13 right now so I guess my body is just still clearing out the toxins.  I have stressful dreams every night - not drinking dreams - but dreams that I killed someone, missed flights, can't save someone else from dying, lost, late, naked in public, etc. I wake up a little headachey, my sinuses hurt, my stomach hurts and I just still feel tired. Frustrating because I am not drinking but going back in my blog was encouraging.  Finding that it took longer to feel good.

Any advice out there of how to speed up the recovery process of ridding my body of toxins?

It was really interesting to go back and reread.  I had the EXACT same tape running in my head about why I don't want to drink.  I seemed so positive and at peace with my decision.  I was tired of fighting the fight.  I just wanted to feel good all the time.  That was 4 years ago!  Shocking how long I have been letting alcohol take up so much of my head space!  I wonder how many amazing things I could accomplish if it wasn't part of my daily thought energy?


  1. Lots and lots of water, good nutrition (eat the cake, but have a salad too!), get into a sleep routine - got to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time, take naps if you feel tired, and try and get out for a walk if you can. And be consistent, even if you are feeling good - until taking care of yourself has become second nature. And don't beat yourself up about the past - focus on how great you are doing now xxxx

  2. Yes to water, exercise, and sleep.
    I agree with Wine Bitch...the past is gone forever.
    Now is all you have!!

  3. Hey there. I know it's not for everyone but I run. Even if I'm feeling like crap I always feel better at the end. It gives me a chance to think, plan, process stuff that's nagging at me, dream (away from the daily routine - although I run so much that too has become part of the routine). My wife HATES running, so she swims or walks. She's doing Steptember (10,000 steps a day for September to raise money for cerebral palsy). Oh YOGA. She loves doing yoga every Saturday. Our mate does Zumba (I couldn't face Zumba - that's like your walking around naked in public dream for me). Sorry to rabbit on. But the gist is getting out and doing something physical is so good. All the best!!!

  4. For one, be glad that you're having dreams again, even if they're shitty ones, it means your getting your REM sleep. A friend of mine said she cut out sugar at the same time and she felt really good right away and did not have the sugar cravings everyone complains about. 5 years later and I'm still trying to kick the sugar. BTW!! Congratulations on 13 Days!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the input