Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend in the mountains


This is actually where we were and it was beautiful!  We had a great time and I did OK with the alcohol. I really do think the naltrexone is helping but it doesn't last all day.

Friday - I took one, waited an hour, came home form work, had one beer while packing up, got to our place we stayed, had one more and then just went to bed - at like 10:30!  I was so tired. That is very unusual vacation behavior for me. I usually partay that first night and then am mad that I wake up with a hangover on my first day there.  So that was good.

Saturday - I took one around 1:00. I knew how much I like sitting in the sun in the afternoon in the mountains and having a beer, so I took one as a precaution.  Well, yes I did and 4 more which is too much but it was spread out over the course of about 9 hours.  I did not ever get that "I need more" feeling and went to bed around 11:00.

Sunday - Again I took one around 1:00 and had a beer in the sun.  Then I waited a while because we bought ski passes and used it to haul our bikes up the mountain and ride down.  I more at dinner and made the mistake of switching to wine.  I had two at dinner and then two more glasses back at the hotel.  I did get a little buzzed, loud and annoying which I wasn't happy about but not too terribly bad. I did wake up with a little hangover the next day but not terrible.  I think my trouble was that I switched to wine and that I took the pill so early that it had worn off by later that night.

Overall, it was a good weekend.  We were very active which felt great! As for a vacation,  I would say it was successful. I drank a little more than I wanted, but far less than I have in the past.

Last night I took a pill, and only drank 2 beers.  I didn't even feel like finishing the second beer which is a good thing!

Overall, pretty successful I would say :)


  1. I'm curious, did you enjoy your vacation as much as you would have if you weren't taking the Naltrexone? I still struggle with the point of drinking if you don't catch a buzz, but then that's probably why I sucked at moderation.
    I'm glad you had a successful weekend. It's been gorgeous up there the last two weeks.

  2. It's kinda weird. I do still "catch a buzz" I feel exactly the same after having one drink. The change comes about halfway through the second. I hardly want to finish it, I get really tired and I don't want any more. Would have I felt better not drinking at all? Yes. Is this better than vacations in the past? A million times yes.