Sunday, September 13, 2015

2 last night

I apologize for seeming like a billboard for Naltrexone and I don't know if it is all in my head, but I can hardly drink 2 beers anymore. I do get the same buzz off the first one and still kinda want the second but then I just get tired and am done. It's like that "I need more" voice has been turned off.

Last night I took a naltrexone, had one beer while making dinner, had another while eating dinner and then just got tired and didn't want any more.  My husband was a little disappointed bc he wanted me to go to the neighbors house with him but I just got too tired and didn't want to drink any more.  Watched some tv with ds and went to bed at 10:30.  He went to bed at 2:30 so glad I wasn't with him :)

One side effect I am noticing from this naltrexone is that is makes me feel a little weird in the morning.  My head feels a little dizzy and I'm not quite as "awake" as I would be without it.  I am pretty sure that is the naltrexone, bc on the rare occasion I would only drink 2 beers in the past I would wake up feeling great.  I think it also effects my sleep.  Not as bad a over drinking in which I pop awake after four hours with anxiety attacks and can't go back to sleep, but still makes me kinda restless while sleeping.

I'm kinda glad the naltrexone makes me feel a little off the next morning bc it still pushes me in that direction of not drinking at all.  Even though I feel a little off, I certainly don't have the physical consequences of a real hangover and none of the mental, emotional anguish that over drinking gives me.

I do still notice that my anxiety, sensitivity levels are a little high which I suppose is bc I am still putting alcohol (even at moderate levels) in my system.  The ultimate goal would be to drink rarely, on the naltrexone.  It seems the naltrexone is helping with the quantity, now I need to work on the frequency.

Going on a hile today with my kids :)


  1. There are several people trying Naltrexone and several posts about it over on the mainlist that I think you might find interesting. Kary

  2. I haven't heard of Naltrexone before but it sounds like it's working for you. Keep up the good work!